Specialty Awards
Chamber's Choice
383 Perry & Cheryl Colebank 68 White Coupe
Dealer's Choice
334 Bill & Sharon Carpenter 69 Red MACH I
Merchant's Choice
271 Mark Klobe 64.5  Red Coupe
Good Guy Award
Joan Cloutier in Recognition of the many years of unself hardwork for this show.
Long Distance Individual
006 Brian Dambaugh 01 Black GT Coupe 2175 Miles
Long Distance Club- 5600 MILES Driven One Way
Utah Stangs Mustang Club 14 cars
Vanity Plate
368 Shelly & Clark Spencer 02 Yellow GT Convert LMNTWST (Lemon Twist)
Hard Luck
461 Kendall Eisele
Hard Luck Story: As a ranching family, it's hard to get away but find this time of year to work out ust right for us to make our family action to Steamboat.
We enjoy taking our individual (hopefully running) cars and show them off.
I have a little 64 1/2 mustang coupe and I by the stroke of luck found it where I live, Cheyenne.
However, I have had the toughest luck since the day I bought it.  But that's too many stories and I have just this sheet of paper.
So the past two years in trying to make the trip are the ones I will tell.
Last year I as well as my family wanted to swap the 289 for a 5.0 302 fuel injected and thought it would make the car look good.
But found it to be a very large task.  We worked for months to get it ready and even 24 hrs.  Straight to finish in time for Steamboat.
No can do, the day before, we found it wasn't going to make the mountainous journey.  So looked to next year and hoped for the best.
Come to find, wrong again.  The car was still giving us trouble and by the time it was a week before the show this,
we weren't very successful and hadn't even began on the other cars going to Steamboat.  By the grace of God, friends,
and family we got it running (really good).  The day we left my father had to stay behind for ranch reasons and
friends flying in.  Since he usually brings the truck and car trailer, we thought what an opportunity to porve we could make the trip
 without the truck, car trailer, or mechanically emowered Dad.  However, ten miles out of Walden, CO, we came upon
a serious flat tire with a broken valve stem.  No problem we thought, just put on the spare.  But, the car (jack) lift was not working,
the tire wrench wasn't fitting, the lug nuts were on too tight, and the tire sealant kit from our 07 shelby woulnd't fix it.
So stuck at the road for five hours in the sun waiting for our truck and car trailer to come later that day, now the sun burnt crew
proves it all.  We eventually got the car loaded on trailier, but I was out of car, missed the scenic mountain tour,
and a grouchy sun burnt family and friends to top it off.  We got the tire fixed, but on the way to the show our clutch started
giving us serious problmes.  But parked and showed and the experience to always be prepared even if the mechanic dad can't be there.
A special thanks to Adam & Corey @ tds distribution tire for fixing the flat.