Q01: True or False; All 64 1/2 mustangs were built at the Dearborn plant?

A01: False. The last few weeks of production included the San Jose plant.


Q02: All hipo engines have one of 3, two digit numbers on either end of the cylinder heads. Name any of those 3 two digit numbers:

A02: Acceptable answers; 19, 20, 21


Q03: On an original 298 K-code Mustang, the vin# can be found in four places, name them:

A03: Those four places are

A03: 1- The data plate

A03: 2- The drivers side fender apron(visible)

A03: 3- The under passenger fender(not visible with fender on)

A03: 4- The stamped on the transmission case


Q04: True or False? The letter "T" appearing in an early mustang VIN# always indicates a six cylinder car.

A04: False, Depending on its location in the VIN, the T could indicate the car was built in the now closed New Jersey assembly plan.


Q05: What are the license plate numbers on the original Elenor '73 Mustang in the movie "Gone in 60 Second"?

A05: 614-HSO


Q6: How many peaks are on the current Standard Colorado License plate?

A06: 4


Q07: In what year did the Shelby GT MKII win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 24 hours of Le Mans?

A07: 1966


Q08: According to American Muscle: How many Bristle based Shelby's were in existence in 1962?

A08: 8


Q09: According to American Muscle: In 1963 AC Shelby Cobra's were first sold to the public.  How many were sold?  How much did they cost?

A09: 200, $5,995.00


Q10: One for the ladies.  "Blank" & Co. awarded the "Blank" Award of Excellence in American Design.

A10: Tiffany & Co., Tiffany


Q11: What is the name of the 1966 MGM release starting a 427 AC Cobra and Elvis Presley?

A11: Spinout


Q12: In 1969 The BOSS 302 came with a factory rev limiter.  What RPM did the limiter cut off the RPMs? Hint: subtract 545 from the altitude of Steamboat Springs (6695ft )

A12: 6150 rpm


Q13: In the Ford Styling studios Dave Ash's "first" name for the T-5 was named after what animal?

Hint: there may be a few roaming the hills of Steamboat Springs.

A13: Cougar


Q14: What year did Ford first use the Mustang II name?

A14: Ford prototype mustang in 1962-1963 was called the Mustang II.


Q15: How much did it cost to rent the original Hertz Shelby?

A15: $17/Day and 17cents/mile


Q16: How much did it cost to rent the 2006 Hertz Shelby?

A16: $185/Day $785/Week in Denver Colorado


Q17: What company assembled the '69-70 BOSS 429 motors?

A17: Kar Kraft


Q18: What Year Mustangs were Indy Pace Cars?

A18: 1964.5, 1979, 1994


Q19: Three of the five specialty mustangs that were marketed in specific states.Name the three states and the years these vehicles were produced.

A19: California Special 1968

A19: Colorado High Country Special 1967-1968

A19: Kansas Twister Special 1970


Q20: Match these 1965 Mustang stats:


A20: Wheel base          108

A20: CI                        225

A20: BHP                    289

A20: HIPO                  271

A20: Length                 181.6

A20: Height                  56.1


Q21: What color is the 1965 Convertible in the movie 007 Goldfinger?

A21: White with red interior


Q22: What color is the 1966 Convertible in the movie 007 Thunderball?

A22: Light Blue


Q23: Shelby AC Cobra Serial numbers all started with "CSX".  What did CSX stand for?

A23: Carroll Shelby Exports


Q24: How many open cockpit GT40's were ever built?

A24: 4


Q25: Ford built the first commercial airplanes called the Tri-motor.  What was the nick name for this plane?

A25: Tin Goose and it held 9 passengers


Q26: What was the name of the first concrete airfield in the US?

A26: Ford Field


Q27: True or False, Ford build the first airplane manufacturing factory?

A27: True


Q28: The GT40 Mark IV shared its windshield wiper with what airplane?

A: Boeing 707


Q29: In what year was the bridge at Fish Creek Falls originally built?

A29: 1927


Q30: In what year was the bridge at Fish Creek Falls rebuilt?

A30: 1988


Q31: What is the elevation of Downtown Steamboat Springs?

A31: 6,695'


Q32: How far is Steamboat Springs from Denver?

A32: 157 miles


Q33: What former Olympian is most associated with Steamboat Springs?

A33: Billy Kidd


Q34: What hot spring gave Steamboat Springs its name?

A34: Steamboat Springs


Q35: How many hot springs are within a two mile walk of Steamboat Springs?

A35: Seven


Q36: What is the name of Steamboat's local waterfall?

A36: Fish Creek Falls


Q37: What Steamboat hot spring is clothing optional after dark?

A37:  Strawberry Park Hot Springs


Q38: What is the name of the Gondola at the ski resort?

A38: Silver Bullet Gondola


Q39: Where can you dock your Yacht on the Yampa river?

A39: Steamboat Yacht Club


Q40: What winter Olympic sport got its American start in Steamboat?

A40: Ski Jumping which is visible from Down town Steamboat Springs.


Q41: What local motel takes its name from a nearby mountain pass?

A41: Rabbit Ears Motel


Q42: What annual event takes place in Steamboat during the Denver Stock Show?

A42: Cowboy Downhill


Q43: What was the first year for the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Springs?

A43: 1996


Q44: What local brewery supplies the beer for the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup Hospitality?

A44: Mahogany Ridge


Q45: What local store in Steamboat has a saddled horse in front of its entrance?

A45: FM Light


Q46: What local restaurant is known for its great Cinnamon Rolls?

A46: Winona's or Freshies


Q47: What is the name of Steamboat's newspaper?

A47: Steamboat Pilot


Q48: In 1968 Ford made 733 Mustangs with a 390 2 barrel that used the Thunderbird big-block.  What is the fifth digit of VIN that designated these very special experimental Mustangs.  These cars came only with the C6 transmission.

A48: X-code


Q49: The Ford Motor Company introduced the Mustang in 1964.5 producing a total of 121,538 units.  Of this total, how many were coup and how many were convertibles?

A49: 92,705 coupes, 28,833 convertibles


Q50: What year was the Steamboat Lake Outfitters established?

A50: 1986 see their T-shirt