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Car # First Name Last Name Yr Description  
Merchant's Choice
290 Jerry Katopodes 68 Shelby GT500
NAPA's Choice
159 Tony Tabacchi 70 Galaxie  
Miller Motorsports Park Choice Award
371 Karl & Jan Moser 65 Fastback  
Sill-Terhar Choice
173 Chris Schuette 70 Grande Coupe
Stang Auto Tech Choice
430 John Forquer 03 Coupe  
Steamboat Lake Outfitters Choice Award
61 Bill Barnett 07 Saleen Convertible
Chamber's Choice  
321 Dale & Sandy Larsen 67 Convertible  
American Stang Restoration Choice Award  
318 Bill & Sharon Carpenter 69 Mach I  
Pony Parts Express Choice Award  
149 Jay Page 85 Saleen  
ROUSH Performance Choice Award  
139 Dorothea Oldaker 10 Silver ROUSH  
Long Distance Individual - Hornell, NY Mileage
139 Gary Burdell     1700
Long Distance Club   Mileage
Southern AZ Club 7150
Vanity Plate Plate
224 Steve & Ann Ogden/Gonzalez     427 Rush
Hard Luck
Heather Rowland - 1968 Marone Coupe
My car got through the canyon and over the pass and as soon as my sister and me pulled into
Steamboat my radiator blew. A group of off duty officers pushed us to a nearby parking lot and
will be fixed when my new radiator gets here today.
Good Guy / Gal Award - Hap Schadler & Sara Sugure

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