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Car # First Name Last Name Yr Description  
Chamber's Choice
247 Darrell Pozarnsky 68 Fastback
ROUSH's Choice
333 Tony Kaspari 68 Fastback  
Stang Auto Tech's Choice
305 Bob Teets 68 High Country Special
Sill-TerHar's Choice
306 Berry & Julie Shaffer 68 California Special
Miller Motorsport's Choice
292 Bev & Terry Snyder 69 BOSS 302  
AER's Choice
37 Christopher Merkel 07 Coupe
Merchant's Choice  
304 Carol Sanders 67 Convertible  
American Stang Restoration Award  
449 Keith & Marge Sheppelman 68 High Country Special
Individual Long Distance Award  
323 Jim Annis Massena NY 1968 Miles
Vanity Plate  
337 Gene Horak MCMLXV (1965)
Long Distance Club  
Southern Arizona Mustang Club 6250 miles
Hard Luck
Craig Sampson - Car 136
My Story begins with me trading for what was originally a 1967 fastback. Someone back in the
70’s had cut the roof off and installed a model A bed in it. Since I consider myself quite the old car
fixer upper (jack of all trade mechanic), I rebuilt many aspects of the car to make it reliable and fun to drive. I just finished the car earlier this week and set out for the 23rd annual mustang roundup. All was going well and I made my 2nd run in the autocross and the car handled well. On my next run in trying to better my time, I was more aggressive on my driving on the course. Problemsquickly arose at the end of the long straight away when I tried to turn right and nothing happened. Then the front passenger side of the car dropped and I heard much noise. When I slowed way down, the course had gone to red flags and I noticed my tire was leaning over. It appeared that lower control arm was loose. Being the resourceful mechanic that I am I thought maybe backing the car some, it might pull the tire back into position. It worked. I drove my car off course. Seems the problem was the alignment shop did not tighten the eccentric nut on the control arm.

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